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There are many small business tools out there on the internet that are extremely powerful. One of the most powerful small business tools you can use is the Google Keyword Planner. This used to be known as the Google External Keyword Tool or some such name. I don’t even remember. Google went ahead and added the tool to it’s adwords interface (brilliant as far as I am concerned).

Small Business Tools #1: Google Keyword Planner -

First, is your business Local, National, or Global? This is important so that you can use the tools effectively.

Are you surprised that I am listing this one as the #1 small business tools? I don’t think that this is the most important of the small business tools, but it is an important element in a powerful cocktail of tools. The Google Keyword Planner is the first place to start. What is it? Google Keyword Planner is intended to be used for “purchasing” keyword ads (Adwords) which is why they integrated it with Google Adwords. Small businesses use it to research Keywords they would like to bid on for their marketing. We will not be involved in purchasing or bidding on Adwords today.

Google Keyword Planner works like this. Google, the search engine, knows every search ever made. What was the search? Literally, what words were typed in. It even tracks misspelled words like goolge. Definitely an huge amount of data and google lets us use it for FREE. Small Businesses are mainly local businesses, they cater only to their city or surrounding areas. Let’s assume that is the situation with regards to your business. Consider this, you own a barber shop in smallville, OH. If you were to go to Google Keyword Planner and search “Barber Shops in smallville, OH”… The return will be some number of searches per month. This number is a global number (but I believe the default is the United States).

Google Keyword Planner image keywords 300x182Google Keyword Planner

Local Keywords Rule!

It is imperative that you list your zip code or city and state in your search if you only care about business locally. as with the example above if you searched “Barber Shops” the number of searches per month is 12,100. That is of no benefit to you or your business. Nor does researching “Barber Shops in Smallville, New Jersey” When your small business provides services to Smallville in Ohio.

Google Keyword Planner looks at the search data and provides this knowledge: The number of people searching for Keywords RELATING to your small business each month.

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