Google Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers

    By Jason Lancaster | Small Business

    Google Hangouts for small businesses

    Engaging clients or prospects has become one of the most important aspects of small businesses today. It is essential to building brand/customer loyalty and social sharing (which I believe is the new word of mouth).

    One of the most popular ways to engage clients and prospects is through the use of conference call software. Programs like,, or have become extremely popular in conferencing. These programs are all terrific but they can be costly. Me? I am a freebie fanatic. I will use any tool that I can that is free and can help my business. Enter… Google Hangouts.

    Google Hangouts replaced Google talk and is one of the best, and easiest ways to have a conference. The main caveat though is that your market segment must have a Google account (everyone should have a Google account). Not really a huge obstacle.

    Creating a Google Hangout

    It is very easy to create/begin a hangout. Hover over your home button on the left. You will see the drop down menu open up and the option of “Hangouts on Air”. Click that. That will take you to the feed of all the on-air hangouts.Google Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers image get to hangouts on airGoogle Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers

    On the top right hand side you will see a blue button “start a hangout on air”. click it. This will open up the Google Hangouts window.

    Google Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers image start hangoutGoogle Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers

    Then you will see a dialog box pop up. Copy the url. This is the important part. This will be your gateway to your hangout or conference. Make sure your youtube and google+ pages are connected.

    Google Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers image get hangout urlGoogle Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers

    Get the Google Hangout URL

    Now use the url to market your hangout.

    Send it via text message to your phone list. Send it in an email to your customer list. Put a button on your website. Tweet it, facebook it, post it.

    Here is what your customer or prospect will see when they follow your link.

    Google Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers image what they will see hangouts 1024x575Google Hangouts to Creatively Engage Customers

    Now be sure that you go in before everyone otherwise you could have a free for all in your hangout.

    When marketing your link for your hangout be sure to have clear instructions about when they should go to the Hangouts.

    You can use this hangout to do a number of things:

    1. To get feedback directly from the customer.
    2. Provide training for current customers.
    3. Communicate with team members.
    4. To Brainstorm future needs of your customers etc. etc.

    You can use this environment for just about anything.

    I hope that this has proven to be useful. If you are wishing to see more from me subscribe to my newsletter. I do not ever overload your email inbox with junk. I send something out about once a month. There are some great articles about motivation, inspiration, education, and random spewings. Check it out and good luck!

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