Google Alerts: One Key to the Content Kingdom

Google Alerts: One Key to the Content Kingdom image
The process of setting up Google Alerts can give you valuable insight into popular online content – what people are reading, watching and talking about. If you’re wondering what marketing content you should create to submit to customers, get noticed online and achieve better SEO, this process can help! 

By now, I think most of us would admit, especially for business purposes, that we Google ourselves. It’s like a periodic mirror check to see if we can be proud of our ranking or if our slip is showing or our shirttails are out.

As opposed to a search, once you’ve set up a Google Alert, you’ll be notified by email every time that Alert is picked up online. You may want to set up alerts for your name, your business, the competition, your industry or any other subject of interest. You can also select what type of content (News, Blogs, Video, Discussions, Books) you want to search (I’d recommend “Everything” for this as well as “All Results”).

Recently, I was setting up alerts to be notified of content that would be relevant to some of my clients: wealth management, mortgage banking, industrial real estate, sustainable engineering. As I started to type in the various alerts, I noticed that the content posted that day, featuring the keyword phrases I was experimenting with, started to pop up as I typed.Eureka!

What does this mean for your business? It means that you can, literally at the touch of a button, figure out what content you should create to reach your audience. Start typing in the keywords that are relevant to your business: use keywords or keyword phrases that you think people searching for your product, service or organization, might use. You’ll find that entering different keywords will give different responses–some Alerts you try might generate one or two pieces of content; others up to ten or twelve. The number of responses provides a gauge as to what people are writing about and what the audience is interested in. Of course, on different days, the responses will vary but overall, you should see some trends.

One more benefit: as you type in the keywords you’ve come up with, you’ll see other keywords and phrases in the content excerpts displayed that may spark keyword ideas you should incorporate into all of your content – meaning even better SEO for your website and other online content.

Stay Alert! You’ll unlock one more secret about what keywords you should be using for the content you should be creating. 

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