Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What You Need To Know

    By Tommy Landry | Small Business

    If you are running pay per click campaigns via Google AdWords, it is time to start thinking about the new enhanced campaigns that are coming in the next few weeks. Google has already announced that they will be moving all campaigns over to enhanced at some point this summer.

    Google has since advised that July 22, 2013 is the target date for the forced upgrade. While some SEM managers have decided to wait until the last minute as a point of protest against merging mobile and desktop platforms without any way to split it, Google has proven to us in the past that once they announce something like this, they plan to follow through.

    We have already been upgrading our client accounts to Google AdWords Enhanced over the past 6-8 weeks, and the process is very easy. You do have to be diligent about analyzing your existing mobile campaigns first, though. Anything that has been working in those campaigns should be preserved. At the same time, you can take the opportunity to do some “spring cleaning” of your existing mobile keywords and ads when preparing for the upgrade.

    I recommend you go ahead and roll up your sleeves, making the change now. The only adverse impact we’ve seen so far was a slight dip in Click Thru Rate (CTR), but our CPCs, total clicks, and conversions have remained steady so far. The upgrade itself takes only 5 minutes, but once you upgrade, you can’t go back. Be sure you are ready before diving in.

    Several weeks ago we put together the following slide deck to share our thoughts with existing clients. Now that the date is only weeks away, we decided to upload to SlideShare and post it live here. Take a look at the slides, and then peruse the list of resources linked at the end of this post. If you need further help, feel free to touch base with me directly and I’m happy to discuss.

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