Say Good Bye to Optical Disc Drives

    By Charles Dearing | Small Business

    Once upon a time data used to be store on compact floppy discs have now have been extinct since quiet some time. From there on data moved on to faster CDs followed by large volume DVDs both of which are discs and soon heading to the graveyard of technology. It is no news that technology improves at a rapid rate with new additions being brought to us day by day and so forth the world has moved on to faster and more reliable technology then disc drives.

    Say Good Bye to Optical Disc Drives image OPTICAL 300x225Disc Drive


    Need for Lighter Laptops

    Numerous laptop brands exist and competition relies on providing maximum features, cost as well as a sleep thin design and light weight. Laptop manufacturers have realised that there is no need to be stuck in the past; since various laptop accessories have been designed to take over the need for disc s it is advantageous to get rid of the drives which will mean thinner, lighter laptops that consume less energy.


    Apple is one laptop that is getting rid of optical disc drives on its crusade to provide lightest laptops ever while many more are not very far behind. Netbook and ultra books are part of the new technological world since they are compact they are also built without optical disc drives.


    The Need for Disc Drives

    Think about it, when was the last time you used a disc drive? Is there really a need for them? All software’s are programs are easily available for downloading whether free or pricey. From movies and music to computer games and windows update everything is available on the internet which is nothing rare nowadays. If the removal of optical disc drives can provide us with lighter and cheaper laptops then why not? Numerous replacements are available for data storage and other uses of discs and we need to move forward and grab on to new technology while discard something that was once useful in the past but is of no need now.


    Can’t Adjust to a World Without Optical Discs?

    If you are one of those people who are always last or are forced to update your operating system or adjust to the latest version of face book or install the latest version of mobile software you may be unwilling to live without your movies and data stored away on optical discs. You should invest in an external disc drive to run your old CDs because the equipment is slowly going to vanish from laptops. It’s better to copy all old data to other storage media such as external hard disk drives or USBs because it is much more reliable, takes less space and is of course up to date.


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