Gloves translate sign language into speech

One problem that deaf people often come across when using sign language is that most non-deaf people aren’t familiar with it. We’ve already seen the MyVoice device act as a translator for those with hearing difficulties, and now the Ukraine-based Enable Talk project has come up with a way to make digital sign language translation mobile.

The device consists of a pair of gloves worn by the sign language user, which contains 14 flexible sensors, a microcontroller and a Bluetooth transmitter on each hand. The sensors instantly and continually detect the words that are being signed, and this information is then sent to the Enable Talk app on the conversation partner’s smartphone. The app then uses software to turn the information from the gloves into the corresponding sounds. The current prototype costs around USD 150 to build, although with investment and development the team aims to reduce this to around USD 75.

The device has already won the Software Design category of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012. Could you help bring this product to market?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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