Gibbon curates web content into learning playlists


The web can be seen as essentially one giant educational resource, but for students looking to learn a particular subject, it can be difficult to know where to start. From the Netherlands, Gibbon is a new platform that enables experts to create learning flows, guiding newbies through subjects with weekly articles, links, videos and e-books.

Each Gibbon playlist gathers together a number of free resources that aim to collectively explain the subject at hand. Rather than sending users to external websites, where they can get lost in a trail of endless browser tabs and other distractions, Gibbon reposts the content internally, presented in its own clean design style. Each subject is split into chapters and readers can see how long each chapter will take to learn. The learning flows include articles, video, audio and other multimedia sourced from the web, as well as links to other resources that students can explore themselves once they’ve become acquainted with the subject. Gibbon currently features learning flows related to iOS development, becoming a better photographer, typography and even the history of art forgery.

Gibbon is a lot like Learnist — another platform we’ve previously written about that aims to filter the web’s vast resources into comprehensible information clusters. Are there other tools that can help users make sense of the web?


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