Genuine Insight Into Sales Order Status – You Need It

Genuine Insight Into Sales Order Status – You Need It image insightsGenuine Insight Into Sales Order Status – You Need It

To offer your customers the standard of service you need to be successful, you need to be on top of every order at every point in the chain. Use of an integrated ERP system will offer you the standardization and streamlining you need to minimize problems, and fix any that still arise as quickly as possible.

You need to know what’s going on
Customers are looking for trustworthy suppliers, vendors who can offer consistent delivery frequency with the ability to accelerate when necessary. They want accuracy combined with flexibility. Once your business receives an order from a customer, you need to process and deliver it as quickly and as accurately as possible. If you’re then not able to follow that order’s progress along the chain in real time, you won’t know if your processes are running as smoothly as they should be. Not being able to swiftly identify and remedy issues means that delays and mistakes are inevitable.

Stop issues turning into problems
ERP solutions allow persistent bottlenecks to be identified, continually and carefully registering where, what and how much inventory is in transport between supplier and customer. With insight into the progress of every order at every point, you’re empowered to smooth the path from order entry to customer receipt. Track and trace functionality and automatic e-mail confirmations can keep your customers informed and create peace of mind – stopping them from eating up time at the service desk.

Match tasks to skills
Making sure consistent rules and practices are followed reduces the likelihood orders are either duplicated or forgotten. With standardized workflows triggering the necessary people at the right times, and process history making a clear audit trail for every order, you’re in control looking forwards and backwards. If exceptions are required, they can be clearly noted and referred to the right people for attention and action. Blockages can be flagged and addressed, rather than being allowed to fester until the customer themself reports a problem. You can achieve more effective sales administration, fulfill orders quicker and get faster payment to speed cash flow, and create more satisfied customers with fewer errors requiring returns.

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