Generating Belief Through B2B Marketing

Believing in something isn’t just an idea reserved for Santa Claus movies, business success stories, or religion. It’s something that many in business overlook, especially in marketing.

But speaking of which, maybe the subject of Santa Claus can teach about what it means to have your own customers believe in you and what happens if you fail to deliver.

Generating Belief Through B2B Marketing image Sheldon SantaGenerating Belief Through B2B MarketingYou’ve seen the cliché several times. There was once a kid who believed in Santa Claus until one day, ‘Santa’ failed to deliver and the kid stops believing. Now how about you take that and make it about you and your B2B customers.

While wanting a dress-up doll and wanting better data warehousing can be two very different things, they both imply belief in somebody to give it to them. And as far as your business goes, your marketing strategy is responsible for generating that belief. How do you expect customers to give your sale if they know they’re just buying on empty promises? You don’t, obviously. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate how doubt can seep through prospect minds and negatively impact success!

  • Cynicism is contagious – There’s a reason why expert marketers hail word-of-mouth as a powerful means of improving customer relations. However, the reverse is also possible. Should a customer remain unsatisfied or a question left unanswered, don’t think you’ll be the first to hear their complaints. Their doubts about your business would sooner reach the ears of other potential clients before that of your marketers and salespeople. Once they do, it will spread and soon you’d have an entire market that’s skeptical of your ability.
  • Doubt can cripple decisions – The B2B sales process can be a long one but you shouldn’t get too comfortable with the time it takes for customers to make decisions. Even those need to be made at some point and doubt is a surefire way to stop them dead. You can’t blame them either. There’s a lot of stake in B2B decisions and if they buyer feels like they’ve done wrong, it’ll take a lot on your part to prove them right.
  • Unbelief can take a lot to undo – Grown over time, a lack of belief only makes it harder to win a prospect. On a side note, it’s why you need to make sure none of your old clients are ignored because lack of attention makes them prone to this. Another way that it can grow is if you leave a problem to become all too common among customers.

Santa Claus movies like to preach about believing first before seeing. That’s nice for the kids but it’s unrealistic for business clients. Therefore, a lack of belief in your business should be dealt with before it even gets a chance to sprout. Do things like establish thought leadership on social media. Use authentic testimonials so that you won’t be dismissed to easily. Create a strong a following so that you will have others to back you up in case someone finds issues with your products/services. And above all, always be open to these criticisms instead of just brushing them aside. Turn doubt on its own head by actually using it as a basis for improving your business instead of letting it tear you down.

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