The Geek’s Guide to Proposing [Infographic]

The Geek’s Guide to Proposing [Infographic] image proposing 1The Geek’s Guide to Proposing [Infographic]

With 1 in 6 of us now considering ourselves to be geeks we might think we know it all. However, when it comes to romance everyone needs a little advice occasionally, and especially when it comes to the most important event – the proposal! Our fun infographic looks at ways to get the situation perfectly right before you say those magic words.

Before doing anything you should look at your finances and decide what kind of ring you will be buying. A third of women say proposing without a ring is the biggest mistake as they will want to show it off to all their family, friends and Facebook contacts. Telling her you love her but are still saving up to buy the ring might not be the best way of asking her to marry you! Once you have the item in question, give some thought as to how you will present it to her. Most jewellers will supply a velvet box for the ring to nestle in, but a true geek should be able to come up with something very different.

When it comes to the way you say how you feel, just remember that 68% of women want to hear the exact words – ‘Will you marry me?’. As to whether you do this traditionally on bended knee or totally on the spur of the moment, said sincerely it should have the desired effect.

We also give you a little glimpse into how other geeks have proposed, and whilst some require specialist skills such as computer programming or designing an iPhone app, it might give you an idea as to how to make your proposal a unique experience for your partner. But no matter what decision you make, planning and practising will make it a little easier and hopefully get that special person to say ‘Yes’!


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