Gaming: The Future Of Mobile Advertising

We have heard it before. The mobile device, specifically the smartphone, is a pervasive device that will continue to alter how we do things, particularly when it comes to purchase, travel, and even gaming.

Gaming: The Future Of Mobile Advertising image 800px Tex playing video games 300x212Gaming: The Future Of Mobile AdvertisingI don’t mean Fruit Ninja or Solitaire on your iPad or Windows device, but rather its true characterization (see picture on right). Traditionally played on the basement big screen, gaming, like mobile, is maturing and working its way onto the screen that gets the most attention: your smartphone.

Recently it was announced that the popular Halo game, traditionally played on gaming consoles, will be offered as a mobile game this July.

Is this the future of gaming?

Definitely. Halo will be the first of many. Why? Because of mobile’s biggest plus – the convenience. No longer will parents have to pull their children from the dark depths of their rooms. Now they can give them the phone, but them in the backseat, and carry on. This rings especially true with the coming generation.

I recently heard a NPR interview with industry analyst Billy Pidgeon where Sami Yenigun, the NPR host, shared:

Kids ‘get’ touch screens. The next generation gamer might be better at flicking “Angry Birds” with their finger than steering a spaceship with a joystick. And games on phones have developed a business model that works. Gamers download the game for free, then they’re fed advertising, and they pay for upgrades in the game.

Those 4 sentences sum up a lot about the future of gaming, as well as the future of mobile advertising. With so many focused on their smartphones, and even more being driven to playing their favorite games on those devices, this opens up a new frontier of advertising to a segment sometimes unreachable due to their focus on one screen.

In 2012, mobile advertising revenue only hit $1.2 billion, but it’s predicted to reach over $3.2 in 2013. With the growth in revenue, there’s also a growth of opportunities. Mobile advertising, like mobile gaming, are complex ecosystems, however where there’s money to be made there’s an equal increase in focus to evolve.

What do you think the future of gaming will be? What are your predictions for mobile advertising?

Picture Credit: By R Pollard from Portland, OR, USA (tex playing video games Uploaded by JohnnyMrNinja) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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