The Future of Pinterest: Why Rich Pins May Lead to Ads

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    2013 has already proven to be momentous for Pinterest. After rolling out Pinterest for Business late last year, they kicked off the start of the new year with analytics and a site redesign. Leading visual trends in the digital world, Pinterest also improved their often-imitated block image layout for desktop and mobile devices.

    The recent reveal of “rich pins” provides further insight into the opportunities possible on Pinterest. These specialty pins, focused on movies, recipes and products, include custom details for an easier and more comprehensive user experience. The details provided on Pinterest blog post are shown below:

    Product pins: Focused on items such as clothes and furniture – with pricing, availability, and where to buy.

    Movie pins: Feature films with content ratings, cast members, and more.

    Recipe pins: From well-known bloggers and websites that include cook time, ingredients, and servings. An example from this board is shown below:

    The Future of Pinterest: Why Rich Pins May Lead to Ads image rich pin recipeThe Future of Pinterest: Why Rich Pins May Lead to Ads

    With the promise of many more “rich pins” in the future, Pinterest is opening the door for effective advertising. Adweek predicts that advertising on the social network will likely be “native-looking and centered on commerce.” Pinterest is nearly there already, considering that “native” refers to the integration of ads and content.

    Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann explains the correlation: “There’s often a direct link between the things that people are passionate about and things they are planning in the future and the things they spend money on.”

    Every board a user creates and each person they choose to follow provides Pinterest with demographic data. For instance, Silbermann says they can identify life stages through the site – whether someone is about to get married or have a baby. This presents a valuable opportunity to play off of rich pins with targeted ads.

    Pinterest already drives more purchases than Facebook, with over 70% of users turning to the social network for shopping inspiration. With “rich pins” clearly striving to increase purchase intent, native ads seem to be the next step to improve conversion rates and strengthen analytics.

    Businesses looking to create rich pins can do so here.

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