New Fullscreen Platform Helps Creators Monetize :: Magnet Minute (video)

This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy talks about a new platform for video creators who are a part of the Fullscreen network (a digital media agency and one of the largest networks of YouTube video makers).

The platform offers the ability to better understand viewer audiences by tracking their activity and managing content. The founder of Fullscreen, George Strompolos, offers this to his creators as an answer to the fact that YouTube makes it very simple to distribute content freely to the Internet while not providing ideal conditions to effectively monetize it.

Some of the available features include an ability to organize collaborations — one of the main selling points to joining a network in the first place. It’s hopeful that creators will be able to work with others and cross-promote to their respective audiences, but it doesn’t always work out that way, especially when you’re on a large network like Fullscreen, which can make it difficult to attain individual attention. Having the ability to organize this as a creator is a very desireable possibility. You’ll also be able to use the platform to better optimize your content for both the YouTube and Google search engines.

The goal is certainly for Fullscreen creators to take their content to the next level by tailoring it to better reach and to connect with their audience. Both creators and the network will benefit from this because more optimized content in front of more people equates to a lot more money overall. Anytime you have more opportunities and ways to get your videos in front of your ideal audience, the better — especially since the consistently changing platform of YouTube seems to make it increasingly difficult for viewers to easily connect with their regular favorites.

Check out this LA Times article featuring more details about Fullscreen’s new platforms to learn more about it.

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