Fresh fish subscription delivers local seafood caught that week

Springwise has seen its fair share of food subscription services over the years, covering almost anything from artisan breads to meal and music combinations. Our latest spotting is UK’s Catchbox, a non-profit co-operative that delivers whatever fresh fish has been caught by local fishermen each week.

By signing up for a 12-week subscription, customers pay for a share in the haul of fishermen operating in the Chichester and Brighton area. Catchbox partners with independent businesses using environmentally and socially responsible fishing methods. Members can choose whether they want whole fish or fillets, enough for two or a family, and if they want to receive the goods on a weekly or fortnightly basis. However, consumers don’t get to choose what fish they get – this way the businesses can continue to source their products sustainably, without having to procure them from elsewhere if they’re not naturally available locally.

Boxes range from GBP 46 to GBP 178 for a three-month membership and customers must live near Brighton or Chichester. Are there other ways the subscription model could be further tweaked?


Spotted by: Marko Balabanovic

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