Frequent flyer miles donated to those who wish to visit sick relatives

We’ve already seen ventures such as AngelMule using travel for social good, rewarding tourists for delivering goods to non-profit ventures abroad. Now The Extra Mile hopes to collect frequent flyer miles from those that don’t use them so that friends and family of the terminally ill can visit their loved ones.

The organization – which is still in development – was set up by Matt Dimmer after his experience with his late father, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2011. Matt spent months travelling back and forth between his home in Los Angeles and a hospital in Michigan in order to spend quality time with his father before he passed. Based on the realization that not everyone has the capital to do this, the Extra Mile aims to make it easier for families to embark on emergency visits to see ill relatives. Those with frequent flyer miles who don’t need them are encouraged to donate them to the startup and they are then distributed to those who need them. The organization has partnered with charities such as The Hirshberg Foundation and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to help spread word about the system.

The Extra Mile puts potentially wasted frequent flyer miles to good use, helping people to connect with relatives and friends. One to replicate in your part of the world?


Spotted by: Jonathan Colmenares

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