Is Free Web Hosting Right for You?

When you started your first web site or blog you probably spent a lot of time thinking about where you were going to host your site, the domain you would buy and probably even compared a bunch of hosts based on their pricing.

Is Free Web Hosting Right for You? image Depositphotos 2465227 XS 300x210Is Free Web Hosting Right for You?If you did this several years back you may also remember the pricing structure was likely much higher than they are today.

With the massive competition in the web hosting space, costs are getting lower and lower every month.

It’s actually gotten to the point where some of the best hosting and site design companies online offer their services for free! recently came out with a killer infographic on the top 25 free hosting companies in the hosting space today.

The top 10 names on the list, from over 40,000 votes are as follows.


Of the names listed above, Wix and Weebly probably stand out as the ones that are most familiar to you.

In another recent case study, it was noted that Wix is spending over $25,000 every day in ppc advertising to acquire new customers on their site.

How the heck could a company spend $25k a day to offer free hosting you ask? Free hosting companies only need a small percentage of their users to actually upgrade to their premium and paid hosting services to actually turn a quick profit over time.

While this sounds great for the hosting company, the average internet person also benefits, as it’s extremely easy to create great looking web sites and get setup with a free subdomain off their hosting platform.

This is a great solution for anyone who is starting their first site and just wants to get something live without the need to learn programing or deal with every daysite issues.

Speaking of creating web sites… let’s take a look at a few more stats that were provided from the free hosting case study.

- How many active websites are registered as of 2013?

  • Estimated 726 Million Active Websites on the web to date

- How many domains are registered as of 2013?

  • 243 million domain names registered

- How many website pages are on the internet?

  • 11.27 billion pages published on the Internet to date

- How many websites are created every day?

  • Estimated 270k new websites created every day

- How many servers are there?

  • 45 million server (8.2 million sold yearly/5 year lifespan average per server)

Is Free Web Hosting Right for You?

Is Free Web Hosting Right for You? image Depositphotos 4610285 XS 300x300Is Free Web Hosting Right for You?So back to our original question… is free web hosting right for you? In most cases I would say that if you run an established business online then you would really want to be setup with your own domain name and premium hosting.

I’m not saying that anything is wrong with free hosting providers, but if you have a site that is generating a lot of traffic, leads and revenue, I would look for the most secure hosting solutions out there.

On a side note, if you are looking to create your first web site, want a personal site or creating a blog, the free hosting solutions are excellent choices!

I’ve actually signed up to many of the free hosts above and have used their site builders and they are very awesome and powerful. There is really no better way for a web site newbie to get started.

So whether you decide to go with free hosting or paid, be sure to always consider the top hosting companies listed above as they have well over 50 million users combined.

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