Free service aims to easily cancel disputed consumer transactions

Banking can prove to be a headache for customers trying to understand the multiple terms and conditions and financial products out there, and there have been many efforts such as Simple that seek to make money management less painful. Now Chargeback aims to help users cancel payments and get their money back with minimum fuss.

Users first enter the amount they were charged and the date of the transaction they want to dispute. By filling in information about the merchant, products or services received, the reason for cancelling the payment and details about their bank account, consumers can lodge their complaint and Chargeback works to get the money back into their account. Businesses can also use the site to quickly deal with disputed payments for free and receive detailed information on those made by their customers. Chargeback makes its money through a paid premium service for merchants.

Chargeback makes the process of recalling a payment less stressful for both parties involved by quickly connecting consumers with businesses without the need for either side to deal with bank account providers. Are there other ways to take the pain out of financial matters?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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