From France, modular helmet can be used for 3 different sports

Helmets are a necessity for staying safe, whether practising a sport or working in dangerous locations. However, innovations such as the camera-equipped Helmet of Justice have already shown that they can do much more that just protect. Now French company Cébé has developed the Trilogy modular helmet, a single piece of kit that’s suitable for cycling, skiing or mountain climbing.

For sports enthusiasts that take part in multiple pursuits that require a helmet, it can be annoying to have to purchase separate pieces of equipment to cater for the slightly different requirements of each sport. With this in mind, the Trilogy helmet has been created to work for three different sports. The helmet uses a base suitable for mountaineering, with integrated venting. For cycling, an aerodynamic visor can be attached. The kit also includes earpads and vent plugs for skiiers. As each sport has it’s own safety regulations which determine whether helmets are up to scratch, Cébé has ensured that each variation complies with the CEN 1078, CEN 1077 and CEN 12492 standards for each sport. The video below shows the helmet in action:

The Trilogy has already won a 2013 ISPO Gold Award and will cost consumers EUR 150 when it comes onto the market. Could other sports equipment be redesigned to cater for multiple activities?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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