Fox website warns of 'zombie day' after internal error

Sydney, Nov. 6 (ANI): The website of Fox News reportedly went into a funny-scary mode when it started posting stories with headlines claiming 'World Zombie Day' to bring out the living dead and Apple unveiling a 'Maverick Sea Lion', after what was revealed as an internal error.

The news outlet's homepage accidentally displayed numerous fake but funny headlines in the US after accidentally turning live a homepage prototype.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, initially many believed it to be a hack-attack,

Initially, many believed Fox News' website had been hacked.

The glitch continued for about half an hour and the main story on the homepage carried 'Weeeeeeee' for its headline and 'Stuff yo' for the story description.

Fox News chief digital officer Jeff Misenti explained that during the routine maintenance, a homepage prototype was accidentally moved to the actual site, but engineers quickly brought the site back to its normal function.

By then, the Twitter world had gone topsy-turvy, with users saying AMC behind the perceived hack. (ANI)


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