Foursquare Discovers What’s Nearby, and Kmart’s Latest Ad Will Make You “Ship Your Pants”

    By Brandon Koch | Small Business

    Back in October I penned a post that lauded Foursquare’s search capabilities. I was impressed by its Explore feature, which was rolled out for both registered and non-registered users.

    Instead of a gamified, social check-in service, Foursquare—which boasts 3.5 million check-ins and counting—flexed its muscle as a reliable and accommodating local search tool. And earlier this week, Foursquare announced its latest version of its app, which features a prominent search bar and a greater emphasis on local search.

    Here’s that and more of the top marketing news from the week of April 8.

    The New Foursquare

    Foursquare wants you to “see the most interesting things around you as soon as you open the app.” Upon opening the new Foursquare, you’re greeted with a real-time update of what’s happening near you (what friends are up to). You can also tap on the map to view local establishments, which show up in the form as icons, and to see where your friends are partying without you.

    Foursquare Discovers What’s Nearby, and Kmart’s Latest Ad Will Make You “Ship Your Pants” image new foursquare screenshotsFoursquare Discovers What’s Nearby, and Kmart’s Latest Ad Will Make You “Ship Your Pants”

    The search bar, which is located front-and-center, allows you to explore what’s nearby. It also includes an auto-suggest feature, which is awesome if you can’t quite remember the name of the restaurant you’re looking for. You can also simply search, for example, “steakhouse” for restaurants in that category.

    According to its blog, Foursquare segmented its newly redesigned app into four sections:

    • Search can help you “quickly find what you’re craving,” and see what’s trending in real-time.
    • With the map, you can find interested places and friends located around you.
    • After that, Foursquare shows you “the best things at that moment,” or their best personalized recommendations and your friends’ check-ins from around the world.
    • And, of course, a new check-in button is at the bottom.

    Foursquare’s real-time recommendations are perhaps the most helpful of the features. If it’s lunchtime, the app will recommend popular or nearby places to eat lunch. If you just checked in for dinner, afterward the app will recommend your next step, like a local movie theatre or venue. And for travelers, the app can help direct you to top attractions, which are driven by local check-ins.

    For those searching for reasons to join Foursquare, recommendations could be the key cog in swaying their decision. Google and Facebook are the two most used apps for local search, as Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling points out. Foursquare’s ultimate transition from social game to a useful guide only will help it continue to grow in the future.

    If you haven’t joined Foursquare yet, download it for iPhone or Android and let me know what you think.

    Foursquare check-in data could play a role in future targeted ads

    According to a report by AdAge, Foursquare has already reached out to digital agencies proposing an ad product would use Foursquare’s location-based data, marking the first time the company has sought a source of revenue outside of its app.

    Foursquare currently makes money on businesses who pay to promote their own listings, as well as special advertisements found within the app. For brands and ad agencies, who wouldn’t want to tap Foursquare’s behavior and check-in data? In a time where people are so accepting of personalized, highly targeted ads, it may not be too long before we see this move come to fruition.

    LinkedIn acquires Pulse

    Google recently announced that its Google Reader service would be zapped from the Web on July 1, so the competition is on among the likes of Digg, Yahoo and now LinkedIn for those left in the dust by Google Reader’s demise. LinkedIn took a step toward doing just that this week when it announced the acquisition of Pulse, a news aggregator that neatly assembles your favorite blogs, social networks and news sources, among others.

    According to Fast Company, content and engagement have been on the to-do list for LinkedIn, which recently added Facebook-style mentions in status updates.

    This is a good move for LinkedIn. It has already launched LinkedIn Today, which recommends news and columns and blogs based on your interests. It will be interesting to see how it puts Pulse to use in the future.

    Twitter aims to sell promoted tweets for merchants on eBay, others

    To attract more small, medium and big businesses that sell their products on e-commerce sites like Etsy and eBay, Twitter is partnering with Lexity, an e-commerce app platform which builds marketing apps for online stores.

    The new app will allow online businesses to purchase Promoted Tweets to market their business and track them to analyze their impact on business. According to Fast Company, store owners who install the free Lexity app will get $50 in free advertising credit from Twitter.

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    Bing, Pinterest partner up

    Speaking of Pinterest, you can now pin images in a Bing image search result to the social media site. Microsoft announced the partnership on Friday. This is great news for ecommerce websites looking to garner more traffic via images. With just one click of the button, users can add images (such as product images) to their Pinterest.

    And there’s no need to worry about sourcing, either. Bing automatically links and attributes the original source. This feature will speed up the sharing process, particularly from search engines, and eliminate the trouble of copying and pasting links on Pinterest. Read the full story on The Next Web.

    Twitter Music arrives

    According to multiple reports, and an earlier tease by Ryan Seacrest, Twitter Music is indeed here. So far the service is an invite-only stage, but the gist of it is to have users share and discover tracks via Twitter. On Thursday, Twitter acquired We Are Hunted, a service that charts trending music.

    We Are Hunted founder Stephen Phillips sent out a couple tweets in March, which appeared to show Twitter Music in action.

    Foursquare Discovers What’s Nearby, and Kmart’s Latest Ad Will Make You “Ship Your Pants” image twitter musicFoursquare Discovers What’s Nearby, and Kmart’s Latest Ad Will Make You “Ship Your Pants”

    Courtesy of Mashable

    Read the full story on Mashable.

    Kmart: Ship my pants

    On a lighter note, Kmart published an insanely hilarious but slightly edgy YouTube spot on Wednesday. It garnered more than 163,000 views and 4,900 likes two days after it was posted.

    While it may attract some not-so-rave reviews from dull-minded people, it will likely prompt the majority of users to share the witty humor with friends and family. I mean, when’s the last time anyone’s mentioned Kmart? Well done.

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