Four Website Optimization Tips To Improve The Visitor Experience

Four Website Optimization Tips To Improve The Visitor Experience image PaigeBlog September 300x130Four Website Optimization Tips To Improve The Visitor Experience

While marketing teams have very specific lead generation goals they are looking to accomplish through their cross-channel campaigns, it is important to remember that the overall experience with your brand is the key to building customer satisfaction and loyalty. A central element of every consumer’s experience with your brand is your website.

Here are four web optimization tips that will help you serve more relevant website content, improving the consumer experience with your brand:

1) Make Your Content Useful and Shareable

  • When creating or writing content think first about the pain points and challenges of your site visitors rather than focusing solely on product-centric content. Unbiased, useful content is more likely to be shared by your visitors on their favorite social sites, in turn increasing positive digital word-of-mouth.

2) Consumer-Focused Content Engages Visitors

  • This may sound obvious, but we always need to remind ourselves to keep our consumer in mind in all our marketing efforts, including our web content. While personalizing web content to better meet customers’ needs is a great place to start, remember to also provide interactive content pieces including polls, quizzes and chat boxes.

3) Incorporate Video to Better Engage

    • Let’s be honest: who wants to read several paragraphs summarizing a business’ mission? Visually engage your visitors by converting all those ideas into a short video that is not just a synopsis of your services, but a small demonstration, customer testimonial or outline potential benefits helping visitors better envision their company using your services or product.
        • Check out Wistia, who not only provide a great video tool for business, but also create great video content themselves.

4) Use Their Location for Mutual Benefits

Geotargeting where your site visitor is located can be useful for many reasons:

  • Show them events/conferences you’ll be attending nearby
  • Show them your closest location
  • Display targeted content about your brand that would specifically interest someone in their area
  • Collect location data from all your different visitors to use in the future when planning campaigns, events, etc.

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