Four Ridiculously Easy Tips to Make the Writing Process Easier

Four Ridiculously Easy Tips to Make the Writing Process Easier image 4 245x300Four Ridiculously Easy Tips to Make the Writing Process EasierAs writers, each person will have a plan of action that works best for them. Whether that’s making out a detailed outline, dictating, or just going with the flow, their process has shown proven results. But now matter comfortable with the status quo, there’s always a few tweaks that can add to a streamlined, more productive writing process.

The next time you sit down to type out some prose, create a blog, or handwrite marketing copy, look to these ridiculously simple tips for a more accurate, better written product.

1. Walk Away

After writing any length of text, giving yourself some separation time can allow for a fresh perspective. Take a day (at least) to avoid the content all together, during which you can catch up on paperwork or start new projects. Then, once time has passed, read it over, evaluating anything that may have been unclear. Writers who practice this method say they were able to identify errors on a more consistent basis.

2. Read it Out Loud

Wondering how it sounds to others? Read it out loud. This helps writers identify flow issues, run-on sentences, and other awkward sections. Adjust necessary errors, then re-read to evaluate improvements.

3. Google It

Wondering if your idea has been done? Perform a quick Google search to see if the title was taken, the idea covered, and if so, how you can make yours an original.

4. What’s the Value?

While the days of spam for the sake of spam are practically gone, it’s still important to ensure you’re providing value to readers. Check the topic and main points and make sure it’s something worth reading, not just a hosting ground for keywords and links.

Writers of all experience levels have found positive responses with the above tips. To help make your text more fluid and communicable, remember to implement these steps as often as possible.

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