Four Keys to More Successful Press Releases


As the name suggests, a press release is intended to communicate news and vital information to traditional and online media outlets. Strong headlines and a concise, well-structured narrative can ensure that the news is read by media organizations. Additionally, using researched keywords to enhance the search engine visibility of the content and incorporating social media links can help connect your message directly with online consumers.

Here are four items every small business owner should incorporate into press releases:


A successful press release catches the reader’s attention in the headline and puts the most important points in the summary and in the first paragraph, with subsequent paragraphs containing successively less vital and relevant information. Press releases have traditionally been structured in this way to allow media outlets, including newspapers and magazines, to identify the most newsworthy items first.  In the online marketplace, this structure continues to serve a practical purpose by incorporating important keywords within the beginning of the content.

Resource: Press Release Diagram


Who? What? Where? When? Why? Media outlets want facts and search engines want relevant keywords relating to the press release’s content and hyperlinked to relevant websites.  Keeping your press release short and information will encourage media and online engagement with your message. Additionally, consumers respond to short, concise content that requires less time to read; this is especially true in the fast-paced world of online commerce and communications.

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The judicious and correct use of keywords within the press release is absolutely vital for boosting online visibility. These keywords make it possible for search engine algorithms to find and display the press release for end users. Without the right keywords, the effectiveness of the online press release campaign will be severely limited. Keywords should be relevant and directly related to the information provided, but within those limitations they should also be ranked highly and should be used in the correct proportion in order to achieve the best possible results.

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The importance of social media in the online commercial environment is well known to most small businesses. By including links to the company’s website, Facebook and Twitter presence in the contact information at the end of the press release, companies can boost their overall visibility in the online community and provide more ways for consumers to interact with the company. Also, don’t forget to provide your direct contact details (phone/email) so journalists can easily contact you for interviews.

These four elements can increase the impact of press release campaigns and ensure the best possible results in terms of web traffic and enhanced visibility for your company’s products and services.

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