When Your Followers Give You Twitter Marketing Advice

When Your Followers Give You Twitter Marketing Advice image Super Twitter Icon 300x284When Your Followers Give You Twitter Marketing AdviceMany businesses are doing many things wrong on Twitter. And the funny thing is, despite all the twitter marketing advice that abounds on the internet, they don’t realize it. Social marketing isn’t easy and social media managers and businesses will be the first to agree with that.

We, at JustUnfollow, ask our followers (all 740,000+ of them) one question every week and last week we decided to tackle this issue. We asked the users themselves what twitter marketing advice they’d give businesses. They are the ones we are all trying to connect, impress and convert. If anyone can give us true and correct advice on what will work with our audience it is the audience itself.

We asked them:


The responses that consequently came in were pure gold – almost every single one of them. Here is a list of the top 10 responses we received.

1. Engage With Your Followers

Be sure to respond to your followers, send out interesting tweets and stay ‘real’ – nobody wants to follow a brand that responds like a robot.

2. Auto DMs Are A No-No 

Most businesses send auto DMs – especially after somebody has followed them. People detest them and may actually unfollow you. Auto DMs can be used (for instance, to give a discount coupon to your new followers), but they are for the most part used to ask followers to “connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn and Pinterest and….”. Not good.

3. Learn To Observe

This twitter marketing tip by Bradley is priceless. There are a lot of factors that weigh into the effectiveness of your brand’s twitter strategy and you should spend some time experimenting and observing what works – for instance, which timings get you the most retweets, how often (or not) you should post, what sort of tweets work for your audience (funny, inspiration, stictly informational etc.).

4. Keep Repetitive Tweets To A Minimum

Don’t repeat tweets incessantly. If you have a reason to do so (for instance you are announcing a contest), keep the tweets different, don’t tweet the same text over and over. Also, space these tweets out well.

5. Learn The Art Of Hashtagging 

Use good hashtags in your tweets. You can find the most popular ones here: Hashtag.org. Also, it’s a great idea to create your own hashtags – this will help you with analyzing your reach. For instance, we started the #JUQOW campaign (the one these tweets are in response to).

6. Interact, Don’t Advertise 

Self-promotional, advertorial tweets will not endear you with anyone. Even if you are a brand, keep your advertorial tweets to just the most important news and updates.

7. It Will Take Time And Effort 

Twitter will take time and effort – use social media tools, like JustUnfollow and Hootsuite for help. Several businesses give up too soon. Jenn’s words are wiser than wise. Take heed.

8. Your Twitter Marketing In Safe Hands 

While many would contest Paul’s statement, it has a ring of truth to it. Choose your twitter marketing person with care. Maintaining a great personal twitter profile is not the same as managing a brand’s Twitter account. Your chosen hire should not only know the mechanics of a Twitter account, she should also be adept at customer service and engagement, besides being responsible and trustworthy.

9. Be Funny 

Don’t be afraid to send out funny tweets every now and then. They’ll get you retweets and nobody will judge – beleive me (unless your sense of humor is seriously awry).

10. Be Active On Twitter 

Don’t abandon your Twitter account. Tweet there regularly – it takes effort, remember. Also, hackers are an all too real threat too. You don’t want dating and weight loss tweets going out from your account, do you? Unless that’s what your business is about.

All this advice aside, if there’s one thing that’d I’d love for you to take away from this post, it is this: Don’t be afraid to ask your followers for advice on whether you are doing your social right. Don’t be surprised if you hear back from them with requests to increase your tweet frequency or tone down the advertising and when they reply back, your business would be best off paying heed.

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