Focus is the Key to SEO Success

Focus is the Key to SEO Success image 2620 350x263x72 300x225Focus is the Key to SEO SuccessFocus is the key to SEO success for SMEs without the massive traffic of a large enterprise’s web site.

While we are totally convinced our online travel service is the best in the country, designing pages around keywords as general as “online travel agency” sets us on the road to disappointment.

Common keywords point to organisations with a large customer base (e.g. Expedia) or companies who devote a lot of resources to SEO (e.g. Holidayshed).

The SME’s route to SEO success

Until you can build the first or afford the second, you can make your own SEO successful by creating pages around a niche part of your business that is not specifically targeted by other companies. Instead of “online travel agency”, consider “extreme sports holiday in Ireland”.

Does this technique work? Well, yes.

Forbes Baxter Associates is an SME. We don’t have a massive customer base (yet) so we are not about to try to attract traffic with a keyword like “best UK marketing agency”.

  • But search on “outlook resizes images” and there we are, at the top of Google’s page one, with advice on images in email campaigns.
  • Or search on “branding common products” and there we are again.
  • Or “google guide effective seo”.

Building SEO success in the future

As you build pages that successfully attract niche searches and feedback, your AuthorRank and your site’s authority will increase. As this happens you can start to make your target keywords less specific and still be confident of appearing high in Google’s search results.

We, for example, might want to appear when people search for “effective google seo”. At the moment, we’re on page 3 for that keyword. Until we build our online authority, that won’t change.

SEO success and branding success

SEO success has many parallels with successful branding. An earlier article discussed how focusing a brand statement makes it more successful for SMEs. It is exactly the same lesson in a different milieu.

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