Five Tips For Startups New to Content Marketing

The following is based on an interview with Ray Grieselhuber, Co-Founder and CEO of GinzaMetrics.

Content Marketing has reached a tipping point this year in part due to all of the algorithm changes that Google has made over the past year.  Shady tactics don’t work anymore and Startups are realizing that they need to focus on building high quality content.  With the further integration of search, social and content marketing being a key trend for Digital Marketing in 2013 Startups new to Content Marketing may be overwhelmed about where to start. Here are the top 5 Content Marketing tips for those starting out who want to replicate the success that startups like SEOmoz, Hubspot, Marketo have had with Content Marketing:

  1. Write as Much as You Can:  Just getting in the habit of producing content on a daily or several times a week basis will stimulate your creative side for more ideas and get you thinking more and more about new ways to connect with your customers. Stuck for ideas for what to write? Check out: Expand Your Definition of Content Marketing to Achieve More.
  2. Measure Everything:  Everything should be measured. There is a misconception that Content Marketing is free but there is an enormous amount of time, effort and resources that go into creating high quality content. Building the right metrics around your Content Marketing process is a critical, foundational step in ensuring that it will work for your company.
  3. Good Communication is Key to Being a Good Content Marketer: Learn how to be a good communicator with the various types of people you will be working with. Just like dealing with your customers, learn how to understand what each team needs and how to sell your vision to them in such a way that aligns with their own goals. Outline a plan that makes sense for everybody involved and get their help in selling Content Marketing to management.
  4. Get Your Content Marketing Teams & SEO Teams Working Together: My first suggestion for both teams working together would be to work at demonstrating to management every day the ROI that comes about as a result of investing in both SEO and Content Marketing. Second, invest in a technology or set of technologies that enable both teams to work together to achieve coordinated lift in all of the metrics you have in place.
  5. Be the Brand Customers Will Trust: Consumers want to buy from brands they trust. One of the most effective ways of building trust is by providing high quality content. And, conversely, one of the quickest ways to erode that trust is in toying with spammy or shady tactics to get new customers.

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Ray Grieselhuber – a 500 Startups and Y Combinator funded entrepreneur –  is the founder of Ginzamarkets, and creator of Ginzametrics. Ray has built marketing and advertising systems for the last five years, helping clients such as P&G, Intel, and Cisco scale their online campaigns to global markets, cut costs and increase sales.  Before founding Ginzametrics, he ran Firewatching Media, K.K., in Tokyo, Japan. Before that, he was the Chief Architect and Director of Product Development at Covario, Inc. in San Diego, CA., an award-winning Inc. 500 company.

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