Five Tips on Being an Empowered Woman With the Help of iPhone Apps

Being a woman is no easy thing. You get periods every month, your hormones make you crazy during PMS, you can easily get fat and pregnant and most of all, you have a lot of body issues. But the thing about being a woman is that you are always challenged to be strong, willful and systematic. No wonder you can find hundreds of smartphone apps in the digital market that cater to women, especially to mothers. At some point, women have moved from being traditional home makers to techie and more efficient moms. Here are five things that you, as a woman or a mother, can now easily accomplish with the help of iPhone apps!

Five Tips on Being an Empowered Woman With the Help of iPhone Apps image Five Tips on Being an Empowered Woman With the Help of iPhone Apps

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  1. Tracking and knowing your cycle. One of the most important challenges of being a woman is understanding how your body works. For starters, you need to know about your periods, how to anticipate them and how to cope with them. The most common method of knowing your menstrual cycle is by plotting it on a calendar and counting off the number of days in the cycle. But this could be too stressful for a busy woman. So there are apps like iPeriod and Monthly Cycles that can help you accurately plot and determine your cycle. All you have to do is to log the date of your first period in the app’s calendar. It will then predict and mark your future cycles based on the information you provided.
  2. Planning your family’s meals. Kitchen experts may find it easy enough to whip up a dinner meal for the family, but most of the time the problems arise when you start planning the meal. It’s not easy being responsible for what your family eats every day. The thought process that comes with it could also be annoying and, at times, taxing. This is why apps like Dinner Spinner are a must for home makers like you who have iPhones (or any other smartphone). You get to make meal planning easier simply by using your iPhone. All you need to do is to pick what kind of food you need to make (appetizer, soup, entrée, etc.) and what’s available in your kitchen. The app will tell you what recipes you can try based on the information you selected!
  3. Learning first aid and treating common sicknesses. If you’re a mother, you’ll be glad to know that through your mobile phone, you can actually skip the costly doctor fees by taking care of your feverish kid by yourself. This isn’t hard, especially if it’s a common cold or a cough. But you’ll still need some references for how to care for sick family members. It’s also better to know how to provide first aid when something happens at home. Apps like WebMD can quickly give you access to resources and references for any kind of disease. WebMD can also help you determine how to treat your kid through the app’s symptom checker.
  4. Staying fit. As a busy, on-the-go woman, you may also find it hard to keep yourself in tip top shape. Work and family care could mean that you won’t have the time and energy to go to the gym and work out. But exercise can be easy with exercise apps. There are hundreds of apps for exercising and dieting like 1000 Exercises and Women’s Health Workouts that can help you do some healthy exercises on your own without having to go to the gym! Most of these apps have video tutorials and work out suggestions for working moms.
  5. Shopping wisely. Lastly, if you’re finding yourself stuck with a shopping problem, not because you don’t have the money but because you don’t have much time to buy groceries, the best thing that you can do is to try some online shopping. Through iPhone apps like eBay or Amazon, grocery shopping is faster and easier because now you don’t have to stand in line or carry heavy groceries; all you have to do is to wait for them to be delivered! See how technology empowers women?

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