Five Strategies to Increase Social Media Traffic Using SMS Marketing

In recent years SMS marketing has become very popular and taking your business to the next level by using social media outlets has become a fundamental necessity in this day and age. By integrating SMS marketing with social media as part of cross-channel promotional strategy, businesses can see exponentially increase in social media traffic

Five Strategies to Increase Social Media Traffic Using SMS Marketing image canstockphoto8435391 social 300x300Five Strategies to Increase Social Media Traffic Using SMS Marketing Why SMS marketing?

SMS is not new; most cell phone users are already familiar with how the messaging service works. users are well versed in text messaging and find it comfortable and easy to use. With SMS, 83% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of receipt, and the open rate for texts is 98%. SMS allows easier interaction; texting a keyword to short code takes just few seconds, customer can be engage on the go.

Businesses can prompt customers to text a keyword to short code at point of sale to receive coupon or join mobile club to receive promotions. There are many more ways to increase mobile subscriber base, but here I like to focus on how to use mobile subscribers’ base to increase social media traffic.

Here are the 5 strategy to promote Social Media via SMS marketing

  1. While you send promotion or coupons to subscriber via text message, include a like-gated page URL to access mobile coupon in text message.
  2. Social media provides rich engagement, while SMS provides ease of use, while you run a contest on Facebook or Pinterest, promote it via SMS to your mobile subscribers.
  3. Include social media page links in your inbound SMS campaigns. For example, business runs an in-store mobile sweepstake, as customers would text in a keyword to short code to enter, a SMS reply prompt can include a social media homepage URL, which would significantly increases social media followers as well.
  4. Go viral, broadcast text message with a unique social media page URL to mobile subscribers, and ask them to share it with their Friends and offer incentives to top referrers.
  5. Send your mobile subscriber your social media updates and build up interest in your social network.

You may still have a question, why it’s important to engage customers in a multi-channel marketing? This is very simple, because customers use multiple channels in their interactions, it’s important for marketers to use mixed media to try to reach target customer.

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