Five Reasons Why You Should Teach Kids to Code [Infographic]

Over the next ten years programming will be one the fastest growing industries in the world. There will be 1.4 million programming jobs to fill, with only 400,000 graduates in computer science. We’ve got to prepare the next generation for this new wave of jobs; we’ve got to teach these kids to code.

Empowering children by teaching them programming gives them the tools to express themselves in ways we’ve never seen before. The same functioning as learning a language, kids especially pick it up relatively easy. With the help of visual apps and games, children could learn programming logic and concepts even before they can read. Games have long been used to teach strategy and logic, and programming isn’t any different.

By becoming familiar and immersed into the world of programming, kids become fluent with technology. They go from simply using and interacting with technology to understanding and creating technology. During the ages of 5-6, children begin the psycho-social development stage in which they transform from environmental perceptions to making logical connections with thier surroundings. This change coupled with learning programming supports early learning and adds a unique component to development.

We’re always concerned about preparing kids for the future, and programming seems like a pretty promising way to go. Take a look at this infographic presented by Kodable for more on why we should be teaching children to code and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Five Reasons Why You Should Teach Kids to Code [Infographic] image kodableInfographic4Five Reasons Why You Should Teach Kids to Code [Infographic]

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