Fitness tracker monitors real-time health of the whole family in one app


We recently came across the Kinsa smart themometer, which aims to track family illnesses, as well as deliver insight into local outbreaks. Now Sense-U is doing a similar thing for overall health, using a fitness tracker to allow parents to see the activity of their kids and elderly relatives, as well as themselves.

The small wearable clip is a discreet device that collects data and sends it wirelessly to users’ smartphones in much the same way as something like the Fitbit does. Rather than delivering the data just to the person it’s tracking however, the Sense-U has a family dashboard that offers real-time information about each members’ daily activity and incidents. The device can let parents know the typical wake and sleep patterns of each user and how many calories they’re burning each day. Sense-U also detects posture for kids and adults to ensure they’re not spending too much time slumped over at a desk. If an elderly family member takes a fall, an adult is also notified and is able to check if they need help. The video below offers more information about the product:

Having secured its USD 100,000 funding target on Indiegogo, the Sense-U can now be pre-ordered for USD 99.98. Could we begin to see more platforms that off rich data and insights into each other’s lives?


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