In Finland, smart waste containers inform collectors when they need emptying

London’s Renew has already used smart trash cans to show relevant information to passersby, but what about waste collectors? The Enevo ONe Collect is a solution that lets authorities know exactly which containers need emptying on their route.

The device is designed to be placed inside any waste receptacle and consists of a battery-powered sensor and transmitter that detects how much more garbage it can take. The data is then sent over wireless cellular networks to collection companies or local authorities, who can use web tools provided by Enevo to determine whether they need emptying. The Enevo system enables users to see how full their bins are in real time, as well as work out when they are likely to get full and if there are any anomalies such as high temperatures or movement. Through analysis of this data, the system then provides the optimal route for waste company trucks to take on their collection journey. According to the company, businesses and authorities can save between 20 percent and 40 percent of their operation costs by reducing the number of needless collections, truck fuel usage and labor costs. It also improves their ability to keep urban environments clean and hygienic.

Enevo shows how data collection can vastly improve both the performance and efficiency of businesses providing social services. What other industries could benefit from similar systems?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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