What is the Fine Line between Spam and Repetition?

Every person soaks in information differently; some are better visual learners while others are better listeners. Some people understand things after the first time they hear them; however there are people that need to be approached multiple times.

Marketers try many different approaches to reach their potential customers. Some work better than others, depending on the learning style of the individuals. Spam is a very frowned upon word in marketing, treated with the same exclamation as an expletive.

Spammers do exist where their sole purpose in life is to fill out email inboxes and have our computer screens filled up with their pop-up windows. These spammers may end up making sales but they for sure drive people crazy and put a giant stain on the marketing and advertising industry.

Marketers want to find that utopia between spam and plain old advertising. For example, don’t send an email every day or multiple times a day to people. Come up with campaign strategy that spreads your message out a given period of time. For a promotional campaign try increasing the discount amount, everyone has their price threshold, keep going up as much as it will keep you profitable.

There is no hiding the fact that people who already made purchases and have to see your ads may get ticked off. However your goal as marketers is to tell a story to as large of an audience as possible. Your brands reputation depends on its equity, how many people actually know you exist? Your brand loyalty will come after the customers make a purchase and are satisfied with their service.

For some business models spam works and works well, but for others it is important not to cross the line into spam because your reputation could take a beating. With markets being so competitive nowadays it is very difficult to stand out and grab a significant market share.

Remember you shouldn’t only market to new, potential, customers but to existing ones to. The worst thing you could do is have them jump ship to your competition.

Marketing is all about testing, you will never find the right course without experimenting. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

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