Finding the Best CRM in 4 Simple Steps

We all want to look after our customers and give them everything that they need, because we know that it is a lot easier to lose a customer than to find one. This is why we need to use every available tool to make our jobs easier and help us to, in turn, provide our clients with a better quality of service. Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems are absolutely crucial to us in business if we want to succeed. So, now that we know how important they are, let’s look at the 4 simple steps that we can take to find the best CRM system for us.

Step One

First off we are going to need an easy to understand Dashboard because, many would say, that this is the most important screen in any CRM. The dashboard needs to let you see at a simple glance exactly what is going on with everything to do with the business and also what is happening within the remit of any employee. Obviously the details of the Dashboard need to change depending on the level of staff member that is viewing it, but the structure can stay the same. You need to be able to see future sales that have been penciled in, where leads are coming from and which ones are current along with priority sales and contacts that need to be followed up on.

Step Two

You also need to make sure that there is a clear and simple way to record and showcase the activities of you and your staff. You need to be able to track every detail of customer contact even as far as telephone calls. Then you need this information to be available to everybody who needs it. This stops the age old problem of all the relevant information being in the head of somebody that is on vacation and allows you to look after your clients in the way that they expect.

Step Three

Next, you are going to need to have a system that deals solely with contact details. We are not just talking phone numbers and emails here, we are detailing every known piece of information about our contacts that we can, because, at some point in the future, it just might become important. We need to know when they made orders and for what. We need to also have details of their position in the company and any other positions that they might once have held. You need to know what marketing campaigns have specifically been targeted towards them and whether they worked and you need to know about their personal lives. This is intelligence that might come in handy one day; if they like a specific sport, then you might want to invite them to a corresponding event.

Step Four

Finally, you need systems that deal with accounts and sales. These will track the accounts of your sales staff and see how well they are performing, as well as inform you as to who the best at paying are, and whom you might not want to supply in the future.

So there are the 4 simple steps to a future of happy and contented customers and a more profitable business for you, can it really be that easy?

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