Finding the Best Candidates for the Job

    By Michelle Christie | Small Business

    To run a business, you need capable employees. To find employees, you have to go through numbers and numbers of job applications. This process is crucial for you to build a strong team to work with in all your business endeavors.

    Screening applicants for either home-based work or office jobs requires time and patience for you to find the right candidates. Here are the top tips:

    1.      Describe the job and provide as much details as you can.

    Post detailed job adverts on websites or on your local newspapers. The more detailed your job description is, the easier it will be to screen qualified applicants. Provide necessary information about your job offering and be very specific. Include the following:

    What is the type of work? For example, if you need a graphic artist, specify if the job requires hefty design work suitable for those with professional experience, or if simple graphic skills are enough. If you need a writer, specify if the job is for technical writing or copywriting?

    Is the position part-time or full-time? You can ask applicants to include their salary expectations in their cover letter. You can also ask for a minimum of two or three samples. In your job posting, specify the pay rate.

    2.      Have a conversation with qualified applicants.

    Instead of email correspondence, talk with applicants in real-time over the phone or the internet. Compared to exchanging emails, this is a quicker way to find out more about your candidates. Pick out those whose resume impressed you. A vocal conversation gives you an image of what the person is like and helps establish rapport.

    3.      Ask for a candidate’s social media account.

    If you are hiring someone to work remotely, don’t hesitate to ask for the applicant’s social media profile. Good freelancers should be able to readily present at least one frequently updated social media account. Top sites include LinkedIn and Facebook.

    4.      Ask unique questions.

    Once you’ve cut down applicants to the best candidates for the job, take the screening process up a notch. Asking unique questions or having candidates do small tasks is especially useful if the job offering relies on creativity. This also helps for technical jobs since their output can tell you if they have the ability to think outside the box. Here are some useful and fun examples:

    If you were a planet millions of lightyears away from Earth, what type of world would you be?

    • You are having one of the worst days of your life yet you have an important business meeting with a client. You have one hour to relax before the appointment. How will you utilize the time?
    • You can’t get along with a difficult yet very talented co-worker. How will you win her over if you only had a week to do it?

    Competent employees have much to offer to the growth of your business. Other businesses will be competing with you to get highly skilled applicants on their team, so you will need to attract the best talents to work with you. Invest time and energy in screening job applications so you can have skilled employees to help you advance your business much further.

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