Filling in the Gaps – How to Promote Your Business 24/7

Your business is eminently forgettable.  As soon as you drop out of sight, you drop out of mind. The profile boost you enjoy during a planned promotional activity, such as an infrequent advertising campaign, or an annual trade show, dissipates as soon as it comes to an end. Those long and silent gaps in between staged promotional events can kill any momentum you might have achieved. These are gaps that need to be filled.

The good news is, these gaps can often be filled easily and with very little outlay in terms of your time and money.  Branded promotional items are a perfect way to break that silence, and give your business an ongoing presence. These days it is possible to put your name and business logo on just about anything: coffee mugs, mouse pads, flash sticks, golf balls, caps, pens, umbrellas, polo shirts, watches, backpacks. We could go on and on in extending this list by hundreds of items, but the message is clear; things that are used for business and pleasure, in the office or at home, can be branded. And everything that can be branded is a reminder to your clients or prospects of your business.

So, how wide spread is your brand? While you spend a lot of time and money to plan and strategise your next advertising campaign or trade event, you should also invest some energy into the vexed question of ‘what happens next?’. Stop looking at branded promotional items as gifts you present to clients at certain times of year (like Christmas for example), and start distributing them on a far more regular basis. Everyone loves a gift, especially if its a useful one. The more it’s used, the more your name is seen, at home or at work. It is a remarkably simple way to fill those dreaded gaps and maintain the momentum you gain from set piece promotional events.

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