This all-female startup from the Philippines hopes to make online speed dating not so creepy.

    By Phoebe Magdirila | Small Business

    A number of dating app startups have come out in Asia. In the Philippines, there’s one more startup to add to the list. Peekawoo offers a different take on meeting new people by putting speed dating on a web app.

    Peekawoo allows its users to chat with someone every two minutes. Just like actual speed dating, the goal is to quickly talk to people to see if chemistry exist between two people. If person A likes person B, he or she can press the like button to save it for later. Two people who mutually liked each other can add each other on Facebook and Twitter.

    Peekawoo founder and CEO Valenice Balace says Peekawoo was born out of her want to create an app that would have less competition in the Philippines. She was single during that time, She admits to trying some of the dating apps out there and wanted a more friendly version. She says:

    Some of us will not admit to trying dating sites, I myself have tried some and I have to admit I felt a little bit desperate while trying it because it was either you upload a photo and guys go through every girl like a catalogue or, like one of the apps I tried, which had location-based service. Within minutes someone wanted to go to my house.

    We are a fully-operated female team and has a more wholesome and friendly approach to dating.We’re working on an aim for actual legit first dates and not hook ups nor marriage. Our main goal is to create an environment where people can meet online, go on first dates and not feel desperate or cheap. It’s just really about expanding your network, meeting people and enjoying your 20s.

    Just launched in September, Peekawoo already has more than 15,000 registered users. From this number of users, 65 percent come from the Philippines, and the rest are distributed throughout countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, and the US.

    The platform is targeted at male and female users aged between 19 to 29. Currently, based on the usage of the web app, the bulk of the users typically log in between midnight and 9 a.m.. But Balace says the team is working on an enhanced app so offline users are part of the roulette.This means users can have more interactions when they go online as opposed to waiting for people to go online.

    The startup is also part of the incubator Launchgarage’s program where it has received $30,000 seed funding. Peekawoo still does not have a revenue stream in place, but Balace and her team are looking into selling virtual and physical goods such as stickers and flowers. It will also launch a mobile app this year.

    While these are still in the works, it will maintain its focus on getting as many people to meet on the platform as possible. Apart from advertising the app through social networking sites and blog announcements, it also conducts speed dating events locally to engage more users.

    Apart from Peekawoo, Paktor and Skout are two of the most used dating apps in the Philippines.

    (Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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