Feed Me – I’m Time Starved

    By Susan Poirier | Small Business

    Feed Me – I’m Time Starved image I need more timeFeed Me – I’m Time Starved

    “I just don’t have enough time in the day to do it all.”

    How many times have you thought that to yourself? I hear it all of the time from prospects and clients. It is almost virtually impossible to do it all and be it all to everyone while still building your business and providing the necessary service (s) to your clients. Entrepreneurs and small business owners alike share the same sentiment whether they are just launching their businesses or living in the trenches. There are so many hats to wear and you can’t afford to remove one of them UNLESS you have a little bit of help.

    Keeping a tidy and productive digital office necessitates a visible online presence with consistency and frequency or your voice will get lost within the noise and fundamental chatter. Building and maintaining your networks takes a lot of time, energy and focus. There are literally hundreds of social channels to choose from, which can be overwhelming. You need to evaluate and understand your audience, where they hang out, what they want and what they consume.

    “Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.” Sean Gardner

    Choose a few networks and be involved. Actively listening, sharing, engaging and measuring. While you are doing all of this, you still have a business to operate. Duties to fulfill. Responsibilities to manage. Where does it all end? Where does it begin?

    It begins with you.

    1. Create your systems and strategies for your business and your online presence.
    2. Refine and revisit both to ensure you are on target and meeting your goals.
    3. Understand that social media is an investment that will reward you but you must do the time.
    4. Find and USE tools that will enhance your productivity and efficiency.
    5. Set aside time each day to engage and monitor your social networks.
    6. Evaluate small business success tips.
    7. Automate some of your content but NOT your conversations.
    8. Don’t spread yourself too thin or you will not grow your communities.
    9. Use an editorial calendar to help keep you focused.
    10. Learn to unplug and focus
    11. Generate remarkable, valuable content.
    12. Know where and how to syndicate your blog posts in addition to your social networks.
    13. Know your core genius and outsource the low payoff activities.

    Delegating is a strength. It helps you to be able to focus and perform your tasks and projects that ONLY YOU can and should be doing.

    “Train yourself to stop doing tasks that don’t add much value to your business – admin, repetitive, things you hate and things you aren’t good at.” Ekaterina Ramirez

    • Make a list of all of your online efforts with action steps for each.
    • How much time you spend managing these tasks.
    • Carefully review it.
    • Note what does NOT generate income.
    • You can visibly see what you can effectively delegate.
    • Move those lower payoff items off of your plate and fill it with rich tasty cuisine.

    Are you still fighting with a few mental roadblocks to delegating and increasing your efficiency and productivity? Simply send us a message and let’s talk about getting you back on track to scale your business and online presence. There is no sensible need to go it alone, when you have an Ace virtual assistant waiting to be your vested partner.

    “Exceptional leaders, however, understand the importance of and how to surround themselves with exceptional talent and delegate tasks and responsibility to them.” Peter Gasca

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