Favorite Tools for Easier Content Marketing

Favorite Tools for Easier Content Marketing image Social Media Toosl 254x300Favorite Tools for Easier Content MarketingThe best way to market your business to your customers is with appropriate and up-to-date content. Your content creates the image that your customers identify as your business, and without it you would be out-of-business. As you try to find methods to generate and convert new leads, keep some of these tools as reminders. Many say success is a journey, not a destination; but, Hey! You want to get there!

Your customers read your site to find what your business can provide them different than your competitors. Let your content reflect this condition by providing easy to find information and useful resources that satisfy your customers’ expectations. If your content distracts or confuses potential customers, they are more likely to leave your site and move on to one of your competitors. Let’s try to prevent that. Here are few of our favorite tools.

Nimble Social CRM

You may consider using a customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM software is designed to collect all business processes related to customer relations, like: marketing, sales, and customer support, into a central solution.

One CRM solution to consider is Nimble Social CRM. This software is designed to make customer relations quick and dependable. It includes tools that maintain customer information, that make mass communication easier with email and other methods, and that monitor social media for your business. Social media is a powerful tool to help businesses grow. What your business maintains on its social media is content like any other that can help attract customers to your site.

You can also improve productivity by using mobile devices as well as the desktop. There are many different plugins designed for Nimble Social CRM that can help get your business moving towards fulfilling its needs.

Constant Contact


By letting your customers know when you have new content available, they have reason to return for continued business. A method of accomplishing this is a Constant Contact solution. Constant Contact is a service that provides different communication campaigns like email marketing, events, and online surveys.

Your business can mprove customer relations by using the services of Constant Contact. Online surveys and social media campaigns can let your customers give feedback on how your business is meeting their needs and where they would like you to focus.

Duct Tape Marketing

One way to have really great content is to use a consultant. They can review your site and provide their expertise on what changes you can make and on what techniques can benefit you. Which consultants should you consider? Duct Tape Marketing is a system developed by a small business owner designed to help small business owners. Here is the site describing what these certified consultants can offer your business.

A Duct Tape Marketing consultant would be glad to help your needs. The system is designed to help you find new leads and then to convert these into continuing customers. They care about your bottom line as much as you, and would like to show you all the tools available to grow your business.

As you take this journey to success, remember that your content makes your business. Your content should attract the customer yet be informative. Maintaining your content can be difficult alone, so considering a consultant is an investment worth considering. Also maintaining customer relations can be handled in a central solution by utilizing a customer relationship management software. Informing customers about new content encourages their return to your site for continued business.

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