Fast Food vs Mom’s Home Cooking (or SEO vs Inbound Marketing) – Part 2

Last month, I published the first part of an article entitled: Fast Food vs Mom’s Home cooking (or SEO vs Inbound Marketing). In part one, I detailed how traditional or “old school” SEO is like fast food, in that it provides quick results without long-term value, replicable methods that are easily identifiable and little nourishment (i.e., SEO ends once traffic gets to your website, ergo no regard for ROI). In today’s post, I am going to explore how Inbound Marketing is like Mom’s Home Cooking, so put your napkin in your lap, sit up straight and let’s eat!

Inbound Marketing Is Like Mom’s Home Cooking

Mom’s Home Cooking Uses Real Ingredients: Pre-packaged and frozen foods usually aren’t things you associate with Mom’s cooking (at least not at my house). Mom uses ingredients that come from the garden, the farmer’s market or are made from scratch. In other words, she uses real ingredients. She relies on natural and organic foods that not only fill you up, but they provide nourishment (and leave you feeling satisfied and happy too).

Inbound Marketing doesn’t rely on formulaic link building and content spinning, nor SEO tricks. It relies on original content creation, earned links and social interaction. In other words, it uses real stuff (credit to Wil Reynolds). Basically, when a company or a business acts like a real company or business, and does real company stuff, then they’re focusing all of their energy on being the best in the world at what they do. They’re focusing on providing the best products or services to their customers, and NOT focused on spamming their way into search engines or obsessing about keyword rankings.

Inbound Marketing leverages this real stuff by creating content that helps consumers, answers questions and provides value. This content gets a company found via a search engine, a social share or an email (etc). The source is irrelevant, but the content is real. Being real and providing value is where trust begins and ends.

Mom’s Home Cooking Takes All Day: One of the most important ingredients in Mom’s cooking is time. Sauces simmer, meats slow cook, breads rise and deserts set in the fridge or freezer. The time invested in each of these pieces of the meal delivers dishes that create memories and leave you wanting more.

Inbound Marketing takes time! You can’t just slap together a marketing “strategy” based on a few head term keywords, throw some links at some marginal content and get to the top of search engines anymore, because search engines don’t work like that now. Poorly written content that is focused on keywords (and not providing value) is going to look suspicious to the search engines and to consumers. This, along with link profiles that heavily skew towards one or two key phrases, with multiple Eastern European domains, used to be the fast track to SEO success. Nowadays, this strategy is the fast-track to being deindexed by Google.

With Inbound Marketing, you’re taking your time, and being creative with each piece of content you publish. You’re not just trying to flood the web with keyword-stuffed crap, you’re focused on providing value and answering questions. All of this builds trust, and as you know, trust takes time! Inbound Marketing doesn’t push customers to make a purchase or sign up for something, it earns that sale or sign up by creating trust. You provide customers with content that leaves them wanting more, that has them asking for another helping! In other words, customers want to visit more pages on your site and keep coming back again and again.

Mom’s Home Cooking is One of a Kind: Probably the best thing about Mom’s home cooking is that it’s unique to her. It’s not uncommon to hear people saying, “this is almost as good as the one my mom used to make, but her’s had this special something about it.”

Inbound marketing focuses on that one or those few special things that you or your business bring to the table. You’re not focusing on keywords and rankings. You’re focusing on showing the world how amazing your services and/or products are, and answering questions and providing value! You’re putting your special “something” into the services you provide your customer, and letting that special “something” shine through the content that you produce and publish online. Search engine rankings, website traffic, social media shares/likes are simply a by-product of the unique value proposition that you provide.

In other words, by showcasing your unique value proposition, and helping or educating people, you’re creating that “one of a kind” experience for your customers, which results in social shares, backlinks and PR. Ergo, good standing with the search engines, ringing phones, referrals, word of mouth and foot traffic! So the conversations about your business start to sound something like this: “OMG, they helped me get the home of my dreams and were absolutely stellar throughout the entire home buying process! I don’t care if your mom’s friend’s cousin is a real estate agent and is cheaper, these guys are hands-down the best!”

The Bottom Line: Inbound Marketing is not easy and it’s not quick. It’s rooted in the services and products you provide, and your willingness to focus on being best-in-class. By leveraging your unique and amazing value propositions with a consistent and focused online marketing strategy (through content generation, PR, etc) you will earn trust. The various by-products of trust and value are links, social shares, search engine traction, website traffic, sales and leads.

Next time you’re thinking of picking up some fast food SEO, consider swinging by mom’s house for Sunday dinner and some Inbound Marketing instead! You’ll be happy you did!

This article is republished from the BoomTown Blog.

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