How Far Will People Go for Valentine’s Day? [infographic]

Love is in the air, as a partnership as if made by Cupid himself has brought together Brandwatch and Digitas this Valentine’s Day. United in our love for all things data and digital, we’ve conducted some research into how far people will go for Valentine’s Day.

We listened to 1.6m social mentions of the famously romantic day and found almost 50,000 conversations about travelling.

  • It turns out 30% of those going away for Valentine’s are planning plane trips, while 37% say they will be going somewhere by car. Couples are generally opting for the former, while larger groups of friends or families are choosing the latter.
  • Seven in ten of those Americans planning trips are planning on staying within the country, with New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles all featuring as the most popular internal destinations.
  • The remaining 30% are looking further afield, with Paris, London, Barcelona, Sydney and Vancouver among the most popular sexy locales that people are hoping to visit.
  • A whopping 42% of travelling Valentines are looking to relax at the spa as their number one activity for the day, while a third are more interested in the beach. A fifth are hitting the slopes and 4% are wine-tasting.
  • Coupons seem to be a big hit too, with a quarter of all spa-goers referencing deals and offers they’ll be embracing for the big day.

Digitas helped us put this infographic together, which is even better when you realise it’s interactive too (click here for the full version):

How Far Will People Go for Valentine’s Day? [infographic] image How Far Will People Go for Valentine’s Day? [infographic]

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