Fantasy Lakes and Mountains Holidays [infographic]

Fantasy Lakes and Mountains Holidays [infographic] image Fantasy Lakes and Mountains HolidaysFantasy Lakes and Mountains Holidays [infographic]

I was a late adopter to the Game of Thrones TV series. I watched the first ever episode one fateful day in June 2013; the next day I watched the remaining nine episodes back to back!

I’d managed to catch up with the show just as the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode shocked and mesmerized the show’s loyal audience by killing off two of the heroes, along with any hope that the ‘good guys’ would win. I was finally able then to talk the show around the water cooler, thoughtfully discussing how the moral complexities of the characters and lack of a traditional good vs evil narrative is what makes the show so addictive.

Now that series three has come to an end (read: reached its anti-climax), I have found that I am experiencing Game of Thrones withdrawal.  My new found GoT friends admit to feeling the same way. Our withdrawal symptoms have included watching Game of Thrones raps on YouTube and having some extremely vivid dreams. Apparently these feelings of withdrawal are a worldwide phenomenon and speculation as to the start date of series four points to some time in spring 2014; that’s almost a year away!

Thankfully for us fantasy fans we have the new Hobbit film to look forward to at the end of the year, and the trailer for Desolation of Smaug looks incredible, but December is months away. How are we supposed to cope with these cruel summer months?

One thing that might fill the void is setting out on a real life adventure, and Europe’s lakes and mountains provide a suitably epic backdrop. Thomson have produced this series of maps that whet the appetite for an unexpected journey of one’s own, away from the all too familiar beaches and into a world steeped in myth and legend.

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