Family of smart creatures helps parents get pregnant and raise their kids

    By Tom | Small Business


    We recently wrote about Croatia’s Teddy the Guardian, a device that reads babies’ vitals in the guise of a cuddly toy. Similarly, BleepBleeps is a kit of friendly characters that can help parents raise their children from conception to teenagehood.

    Each member of the BleepBleeps family can be connected to users’ smartphones, delivering useful data to help make parents’ jobs a bit easier. Firstly, couples looking to conceive can make use of Olivia P Sticks — which uses urine testing to check if potential mothers are ovulating — and Master Bates, which tells male partners if their sperm count is healthy. If pregnancy is achieved, Ultra Stan enables parents to see a live ultrasound on their phone. When the child is born, other characters offer motion-sensing and video baby monitoring, health tests and GPS location checking. The video below introduces all of the characters:

    BleepBleeps give parents the tools to help them conceive, as well as keep track of their kids once they’re born, packaged in a fun and engaging way for both parents and children. How else can technology help take some of the load off parents?


    Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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