What’s this Facebook World Coming To?

    By Craig Allen | Small Business

    Facebook has been a huge part of my life these past several years. It has helped me stay connected to old friends, re-connect to lost ones and develop new friendships. Heck, it has even helped me land a ton of freelance work and helped in a new career. I owe a lot to the platform, as well as, the people on it. However, as of late; and maybe it is me getting a little older and grumpier, posts on Facebook have been… to say politely… STRIKING A NERVE!!

    What has happened to social etiquette? There have been so many small, but trend-catching tendencies that I have noticed of late that have really made me question… well… HUMANITY.

    Here are just a few examples of what I am talking about:

    • The Anniversary Post – This one has really started getting to me. People write some wonderful things about their spouse and tag them in the post, but what happened to saying these things to their face? What happened to waking up looking at your spouse the morning of your anniversary and telling them, not the Facebook world, how happy you are to be with them? It seems as though people feel they have to get 50+ Likes for their love to mean more. I love hearing great things about people, but users wishing their spouse, who they live with and see everyday, a happy anniversary doesn’t need to happen on Facebook.
    • The Parent Post or Living Through Your Child Post – In the words of the great Harry Caray, “HOLY COW!!” I am a proud father, I love my children and would do anything for them and tell them this daily… to their face. Parents posting, then tagging their child, how proud they are of them with these wonderful, well thought-out messages; that make me want to copy and paste or memorize to say to my children, just seems wrong. What happened to face-to-face interaction? There is nothing wrong with being proud of your child, in fact, their successes should be shared and celebrated; but lately it seems as if one-upping the next parent post has become a daily thing on my newsfeed.
    • The “Who Are You Trying to Fool” Post – This is the one that gets me every time. We’ve all been there and have seen them… The post that everyone loves and likes, but deep down, we all know its a bunch malarkey… to say it politely. We know the person well, know their actions, we saw how they were acting last night, what they said and ask ourselves, “Who wrote this? And, where was this person the last time I saw them?”

    I guess the biggest thing that I am afraid of is that people are losing the ability to interact and share their emotions face-to-face. Or, maybe they don’t even know who they truly are? Does having 50+ Likes make your message mean more?

    There was a wonderful infographic on Mashable depicting “The 9 Types of Facebook Users.” I have shared my favorite two below simply because these users are consuming my feed and made me laugh when I saw them.

    Once again, Facebook is a wonderful means of communication and interaction. There are so many great things that have come from the platform for myself, family and friends. My only challenge to everyone is to ask yourself, “Would or have I said this to the person first?”

    Whats this Facebook World Coming To? image world graphic3Whats this Facebook World Coming To?

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