Facebook’s Transformation from a Social Network to a Mini Internet

    By Alek Flekel | Small Business

    Social Media used to be a destination to communicate with friends and colleagues, post pictures/videos, write comments. However over the years Facebook has been morphing into a one stop destination for your whole internet experience without ever leaving.

    With every upgrade and addition Facebook is making they are becoming one of the first ubiquitous websites that the internet has to offer. It has a search engine, viral content, friend’s activity, and brand pages.

    Search engines often redirect you elsewhere but have also begun the transformation. Google for example has been offering results on some quarries instantly without ever going to another page.

    Facebook wants your whole internet experience to be through them, which is not only convenient for users but is a goldmine for marketers. If Facebook can truly become the premier internet destination then they will become one of the best marketing tools out there.

    Marketers need to realize that buying ads on Facebook is not the only way to advertise on the platform. Some of the best Facebook advertising won’t cost you a penny. You can create a Page, which in some cases is the user’s first experience with your brand and can be more effective than your website. With more development, Facebook Pages may overtake traditional websites in both ROI and exposure.

    Another option is to create groups and generate discussions about your niche. Becoming an authority is one of the best ways to gain trust and credibility. With those characteristics you are bound to get a significant following.

    They have already set up a Facebook Marketplace where you can purchase various products and services. They are branching out into the different areas of the internet that typical users come in contact with on a daily basis.

    No one can see into the future, but we can begin to strategize in what direction it is going. The marketers that realize the changing landscape first are the ones who will prosper.

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