Facebook’s Mobile Games Publishing Platform Could Spell the End for Large Game Developers

Something very exciting might be happening!

Facebook has pledged to make it easier for small- to mid-sized Facebook game developers to distribute their apps to Facebook users. They are offering promotional support, analytics, and distribution to targeted users across the suite of Facebook mobile apps. A new pilot platform promises to help bring Facebook game participation to a whole new level.

View the details of Facebook’s new pilot platform here: Facebook Mobile Games Publishing

This program sounds helpful in theory, but what is the cost to those makers of small, medium, and large apps and games currently in the market as they try to optimize the Facebook app system for their own requirements?

Revenue Share

According to Facebook, “in exchange for a revenue share,” Facebook’s new Mobile Games Publishing platform will make it easier to distribute medium-sized Facebook apps to “more than 800M monthly mobile users” by providing analytics tools, and expertise gained from helping games grow on the Facebook app platform for many years. Facebook claims that they will help developers to acquire highly-targeted high-quality long-term players for their games.

It seems like this new program could be great for the developers of small- and medium-sized games and apps. Although Facebook is taking a cut, when you are a small firm or even a single person, the profit that you DO collect should be enough to fund enhancements and future development. Revenue share is not as important when you only have to pay yourself or a partner.

What About Large Game Developers?

On the other hand, larger game developers like Zynga, who is already reeling from a poor business model and falling revenues, could see their market share fall… even further. If they utilize the Mobile Games Publishing platform they may get more exposure, but Facebook is going to drain some of their revenue (which is most likely part of Facebook’s goal). If they don’t utilize the Mobile Games Publishing platform, they are left up to their own means to distribute their games to Facebook and mobile users, and judging by Zynga’s rise to fame and subsequent crash, even larger game makers can’t afford to have any of their revenue sucked up by The Facebook.

The Future of App Development in Agencies

The Mobile Games Publishing platform does look to be a promising tool for Piehead and other web agency app developers. Piehead has already observed great success with our Ice Road Truckers, Top Gear, Play for Your State, Archer Agent Mash-Up, 30 Rock Meme Maker, and Swamp Trapper apps, among others. As we expand our entertainment partners Facebook presences and our own technical skillset, our Facebook apps and experiences are becoming more like Facebook games.

Contact us today to see how we can help you leverage a Facebook app or canvas game. With all of these new tools at our fingertips, you can be sure that we will deliver an interactive experience to those more than 800M monthly mobile users, encouraging page likes, returning visitors, sales leads, or joining your mailing list – whatever your goals might be.

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