Facebook Home – New FB Android App – First Impressions

    By Kimberly Castleberry | Small Business

    Facebook Home – New FB Android App – First Impressions image facebook logo1Facebook Home – New FB Android App – First ImpressionsMy First Look At Facebook Home

    Just installed Facebook Home on my SGS3 smartphone!

    Facebook Home is Facebook’s newly announced android launcher (like an application layer) that deeply integrates the Facebook experience into your phone.

    You can learn more about Facebook Home at and at

    Marketing Tip -> Take everything I’ve said about the increasing need for high impact photos in social media – and quadruple it! OMG!

    Facebook Home – New FB Android App – First Impressions image qC4juKVaNdyFacebook Home – New FB Android App – First Impressions

    image courtesy of Facebook, Inc.

    The “Cover Flow” interface is a delightful experience. A strong visual treat for the eyes. Still got a few little things that need tweaked but a really lovely way to enjoy my newsfeed.

    “Chat Heads” (why do I want to call them bobble heads??) makes having an ongoing conversation while still doing other things with the phone a LOT easier!

    If you’ve not already seen them, here’s a closer look at these two neat experiences:

    The actual android launcher itself is kinda depressive though. The lack of bottom dock-bar initially stumped me as to how the heck to make a phone call until I realized that “phone” was simply in the apps folder with everything else. Problem solved but not in the usual ways.

    I’d really be happy to see Cover Flow and Chat Heads built into the actual FB app and FB Messenger app respectively and not have the need to lose my launcher.

    I think a launcher idea is great – and I know of people that will really like this (those who live in Facebook) – but at this moment it doesn’t have enough impact to make it hard for me to give up.

    If I traveled a lot more than I do – I’d REALLY dislike that it blocks the Google Now Cards, being default home, which many people positively adore in the newer versions of Android. (You can still get to them from the Google app icon however.)

    You have to be sure to look through the HOME settings, app settings and messenger settings as these all three work together to affect the experience and there’s a fair number of controls hidden there.

    This update did not fix that the android Facebook app can not unfollow discussion notifications from posts they have engaged with. If you need to do that, you’re still left opening the mobile web version, which is what I use most of the time anyways.

    There’s a lot of work to be done. This is an early release. I really like several of the features but dislike losing my launcher (because I’m a geek like that) so I’m giving it a “neutral” scorecard.

    Have you tried out Facebook Home yet?

    What do you think?

    Let me know!

    PS: I’ve really disliked my FB inbox over time. Yet, “Chat Heads” is the first change that is actually making it so simple to use that I’m using it almost as much as SMS with certain friends. This really changes my useage of Facebook, much the same way finding Pvstar+ changed my YouTube use. Cool beans!

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