Facebook app drags up old photos to show clothes that could be given to charity

Kiosks enabling consumers to give their old clothes away to charity have been around for a while, and we’ve also seen the Red Cross in New Zealand offer rewards to donors. Now the You’ll Never Wear That Again Facebook app aims to encourage increased donations by displaying old photos of users to remind them of the clothes they no longer wear.

Created by creative agency DDB for the homeless charity Stockholm Stadsmission, the app is installed and subsequently requests users permit it to access their tagged Facebook photographs. It then cycles through random pictures and gives users around nine seconds to decide if they would never wear the outfit again. Users can tag photos on both their own and others’ profiles, signifying whether the outfit should be worn again. Once tagged, directions on how and where they can give away their old clothes is offered. The Facebook app requires permission to post on behalf of each user and the charity is hoping that having out-of-fashion photos appearing on their newsfeeds will shame them into donating the outfits.

The campaign harnesses the information people put online to remind them of the possessions they hold onto but no longer use in order to facilitate greater recycling of goods. Are there other ways social media information can be leveraged to benefit society? Or will privacy concerns always hold such efforts back?

Website: www.stadsmissionen.se
Contact: www.stadsmissionen.se/omoss/kontakt1

Spotted by: Murray Orange

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