My Experience With “Milking the Slideshare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle”

My Experience With “Milking the Slideshare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle” image

SlideShare is a great social community for professionals – it’s almost ALL professionals!

I read an article/blog on Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation Cafe that was a guest post by Mauro D’Andrea, who wrote How to Milk SlideShare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle – on how to use Slideshare to develop viral marketing spread of your message and decided I wanted to test it out.

It said if you can get 900-1,100 views on your slideshare in the 1st 20 hours or so, there’s a good chance you’ll be featured on the home page.

The post also says 1200-1500 views to get to the Top Posts (large feature on the homepage), but really it’s the TOP Slideshare posts of the day. On the day I posted, Slideshare posted their own internal marketing Slideshare releasing a new feature for the pro accounts.

My Project For Testing SlideShare Success Opportunities

Later this year, Sparkle Agency is launching a mental health organization and NFP fundraising campaign called #HappinessTrain. In searching for strategies to build audience for my blog and prepare for launching this project successfully, we created a Slideshare presentation to test the value of this platform for lead & traffic generation.

To begin developing awareness of #HappinessTrain and to provide “proof’ of our abilities to create content that would spread for potential sponsors, we decided to create a test on Slideshare with a document & blog post called “ Community Comes Together to End Bullying”.

Community Comes Together to End Bullying from Debbie Horovitch

How We Created It

This was a crowdsourced content initiative. To collect participant submissions, we used a mix of direct outreach and public queries on & to have digital leaders and anti-bullying organizations & advocates contribute their responces to 3 questions:

1. Personal bullying experience / story
2. Our responsibility in society to make a change
3. Resources for anyone suffering with bullying right now

All contributors were promised credit by name, and we further added website URLS if provided and Slideshare embedded links to their most-active social media profiles.

In total, we spent 6 weeks coordinating the content contributors and preparing the presentation. It wasn’t my intent initially to coodinate the launch with #BellLetsTalk day, but I think that it worked out quite well!

How We Promoted It

  • We timed the launch of the Slideshare presentation & blog post, a few hours before the start of #BellLetsTalk day & then tweeted, Facebook, Google+ and emailed all the contributors and organizations to get everyone to participate in sharing the slideshare link. We were sure to email everyone who was included/linked, who had participated and told them we DID reach the front page and that if we could continue to keep it there and suggesting they pushed it out there on email to their list of supporters.
  • The following day, after posting late the evening before, I (Debbie) spent $25 on Stumbleupon paid views ($0.10 per view) and $10 on a Facebook promoted post – but because the front page of our slideshare was all text, it broke Facebook’s 20% max visual copy rule, so only a few dollars was spent before the campaign was halted.
  • We shared on Facebook messages directly and on-page updates the link, for all the news organizations I could think of the day after #BellLetsTalk, in case they were reporting on successes of the day and wanted another story to include, they could include us!

The Results

  • 1,500+ views in 24 hours
  • 2,750+ views in 48 hours
  • Also was competing with Top Slideshare of their own promoted slideshow of a new feature

My Experience With “Milking the Slideshare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle” image My Experience With “Milking the Slideshare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle”

I received an email from Slideshare for each category where I was featured (images coming), which was great to see.

  • Featured on the homepageMy Experience With “Milking the Slideshare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle” image My Experience With “Milking the Slideshare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handl …
  • Top Slideshares on Twitter, Trending on Twitter (which earned the coupon for pro)
  • Top Slideshares on Facebook
  • Top Slideshares on LinkedIn

I received a coupon code for a free month of a pro account upgrade – deeper analysis

You can also embed a YouTube video, or overlay your voice onto Slideshare presentations.

Slideshare is a great place to see the best slideshow presentations, for your own speaking engagements.

Guy Kawasaki who participated in our #SparkleSOS Feb Book Authors & Publishers Google+ Hangout on Air, frequently suggests a 10/20/30 rule for presentations and powerpoint:

  • 10 – Ten slides maximum – people who love what you’re saying will be able to keep notes and understand where you are in the presentation; people who hate what you’re saying will know where you are in the presentation :) – I don’t see a lot of these whether in real life presentations or Slideshares
  • 20 – Twenty minutes maximum – probably too long for a Slideshare time commitment, but if you have a 1-hour speech time slot, prepare a 20-minute presentation because the tech troubles will always take up at least 40 minutes, and if they don’t you’ll have time for a great Q&A
  • 30 – Thirty point font or the oldest person in your audience (their age) divided by 2; this is a good one

For more information on using Slideshare for successful lead generation and content marketing strategies:

Todd Wheatland The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare: How to Build Your Brand, Generate Leads & Create Opportunities

Blog Posts:

On Monday February 18 at 9pm ET, join @Sparkle_Agency on #AtomicChat regarding SlideShare Succcess Strategies

Whitepapers and Playbooks referenced in this blog post are available free to download and share in my Social Media Concierge Public Resource Library on Google Docs.

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