Expensive School Myths (Infographic)

    By Brian Wallace | Small Business

    Considering the cost of college and our (justifiable) fear of student loans, students everywhere are doing all they can to get the best bang for their buck. Living in the illusion that a degree from an Ivy League school will guarantee a better job, or any job, they are willing to shell out big bucks. But how much truth is there to this? Could it in fact be just a myth?

    Let’s start by looking at the whole picture: Nearly one third of students borrowed money for college in 2013 and the unemployment rate for college graduates is at 44%. More than half of families eliminated colleges based on their tuition in 2009 and that percent has been steadily growing for years. Students that were accepted into Ivy League schools  who were also part of the percent who rejected them because of cost, had to ultimately attend a less selective university. On average, those who decided to go to Ivy League schools and those who were accepted but didn’t go, earn the same income.

    Being a graduate of an Ivy League school does not necessarily mean success. The CEOs of Fortune 500 companies like HP and Ford graduated from less selective schools and the number of US Senators is pretty 50/50. So unless you’re the top of your class in the Ivy League, you may be better off at a public university.

    Take a look at this infographic for more on the myths of expensive schools and let us know what you think in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to like and share!

    Expensive School Myths (Infographic) image expensive schoolsExpensive School Myths (Infographic)
    Source: Affordable-Online-Colleges.net

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