What Do You Expect From Millennials?

    By Tru Pettigrew | Small Business

    What Do You Expect From Millennials? image how to manage millennialsWhat Do You Expect From Millennials?

    “What did you expect?” That question is asked way too often in my opinion. To avoid having to ask someone what he or she expected after the fact, the question we should be asking more often is “what do you expect?”

    One of the reasons Tru Access was created was because I noticed how often many millennials walked through the doors of an organization at which I was working with mismanaged expectations. One of the ways that Tru Access helps to better prepare and equip millennial talent to thrive in corporate environments is to help properly manage expectations. This includes managing expectations of themselves and others.

    In our efforts to help bridge the cultural and generational gaps that exist between multicultural millennials and Corporate America, we cannot ignore the expectations gap that exists. It is actually the cultural and generational gaps that lead to the expectations gap, which may actually be the biggest gap to fill in our efforts to create Culturational Chemistry™. For those who aren’t familiar, Culturational Chemistry™ is the bond that is established among team members and colleagues of different cultures and generations that allows for a productive and harmonious work environment. This cannot be achieved without properly managing expectations.

    Millennials have great expectations. They want and expect to achieve greatness and they want it to happen fast. There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve greatness at a fast pace. It has been my experience that most people want to be on the fast track, regardless of culture or generation.

    The challenge that I find with millennials and their generational counterparts is the expectations gap that exists. That expectations gap is typically rooted in generational and often times cultural differences. Older generations have expectations of their millennial counterparts that are different than the expectations that the millennials have of themselves.

    To help bridge the expectations gap, there has to be “Expectations Management Sessions” at the onset of these new relationships when your millennial talent first walks through the door. (Ideally this can happen before they walk through those doors but we’re working with the colleges and universities on that…but I digress).

    For corporations, “expectations management sessions” can be incorporated into the interview process and/or the orientation process, but the conversation has to be had. The organization and its older generation leadership have to be clear about what it expects from its millennial talent and vice versa.

    “Expectations Management Sessions” are a must if you expect to achieve Culturational Chemistry™ in your organization and help your millennial talent maximize his or her potential. Don’t wait until after the frustration and ill will have occurred and have to ask, “what DID you expect?” Enter into the relationship with a clear understanding of the Five W’s of Why, Who, What, When and Where by asking “what DO you expect?” at the beginning.

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